Various poker games have been developed since its inception. Some of the more popular include Omaha, Stud and Hold’em. Some variant games add a joker or two. Some games use a pack of cards, while others use a multiple pack.

The game consists of five cards, which may be dealt face down or face up. Some games allow players to discard up to three cards. A straight flush starts with the highest value card.

A “stack” is a hand of two distinct pairs plus a third card, and isn’t really a full house. A royal flush is a hand of five cards in the same suit. It isn’t always the case, but in some games, the lowest card in a hand is the ace.

A high card is a good way to break a tie when several players are competing for the same card. It also may be a good way to tell whether a player’s hand has the most value.

A three-card brag is a popular gentleman’s game from the American Revolution. It’s still a good idea in U.K. and other European countries.

The newest poker variant is called Omaha. It is played in a similar manner to Texas Hold’em, although the cards are dealt one at a time. The standard 52 card deck is used, but some games use multiple packs.

A showdown is when the best hand wins. The most popular poker variants involve a blind bet, or an ante.