Typically, poker is played with a standard deck of cards. Some poker games may use a multiple deck or pack, which may include wild cards.

Poker games can be played by two people with a deck of cards. Players are dealt a hand of cards and then must bet into a central pot. The highest hand wins the pot.

Poker games are usually played with a standard deck of 52 cards. Some games may use short packs, which are common in many countries. There are also a few poker variants, such as Caribbean Stud, that use multiple packs.

After each hand is dealt, the player who was the initial dealer advances the steps of play. Usually, the first player to the left of the button is the initial dealer. The dealer cuts the deck and deals out cards to each player. The dealer may also pass out cards in sets. The cards may be dealt face down or face up.

After the initial deal, each player discards three cards. After everyone discards, another round of betting takes place. Typically, the betting takes place in clockwise order.

The first player to call is called the “button”. The first player to the left of the button is called the “buck”. The button is a white plastic disk. It is positioned on the table so that players can see it.

Betting continues until everyone has folded. Depending on the game, players may be able to bet into the pot, pass on the option to bet, or fold.